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Brand new “Keyman Thinking” launching on 8/1, solving your anxiety!

No more internal struggles and worries! In the AI era, the key is just one mindset change that will automatically lead you towards becoming a crucial figure.
不必再內耗與焦慮! AI世代下的關鍵鑰匙,只要改變一個思維,讓你自動走往成為關鍵人物的路。

Taiwan, 8/1/2023, officially releasing “Keyman Thinking.” An innovative and integrated thinking model, revealing “two secrets + leveraging fourteen principles.” Author Mark Ven Chao has compiled a set to help you break free from the cycle of deepening anxiety in the face of confusion, stagnation, and regrets in the workplace. No matter your position or job type, this book acts as a guiding map, directing you towards success and becoming an essential key figure. Whether you’re a student, a newcomer to the workforce, or a manager, this book offers profound insights and provides everyone with the key to progress towards their goals. The book spans 233 pages and is available in both digital and physical formats, now ready for purchase at major online and physical bookstores.
台灣,2023/8/1,正式出版《關鍵思維》。 一本創新與融合經典的正思考模式,揭露「兩大祕密+活用十四項法則」,面對職場上的迷茫、停滯、後悔,作者馬克凡歸納出一套,幫助你跳脫「焦慮越陷越深」的思維方式。不管任何的崗位、工作類型,這本書就像一本指引地圖,指引你功成名就的方法,並且成為一個至關重要的關鍵人物。即使是在學齡、剛步入社會、已升任管理職,這本書都能帶給你深刻的體悟,也幫助任何人,拿到引導你往目標前進的那把鑰匙,全書共233頁。本書售有電子版、實體書,現正可至各大網路書店、實體書店選購。

Author Mark Ven Chao said, “This book has been in preparation for over a year. Drawing mainly from my entrepreneurial experience, its aim is to help everyone forget anxiety and prevent excessive social media and distractions from overwhelming your mind. The best way for a person to find solutions is to take a moment of calm and have a systematic approach to identifying problems. Whenever you have the slightest doubt about yourself or the future, it’s the perfect time to read ‘Keyman Thinking.’ This book is not limited by age, status, background, or profession. After reading it, you will gain a clearer understanding of things causing your anxiety and find plenty of inspiration to solve problems. The methods in this book are also applicable to readers who seek to cross fields and enhance competitiveness, providing practical references for implementation. I’m thrilled about the release of this book and sharing this methodology with anyone feeling stuck in life and anxious.”

Revealing the “keys” to workplace success – two major secrets and fourteen principles. The so-called “keys” are finding things that allow you to achieve more with less effort, generous people willing to assist you, and discovering the keys to continuous learning and breakthroughs. On the path to becoming a crucial figure, this book will help you achieve your aspirations! The text elaborates on the overall approach and specific guidelines for “keys,” guiding you step by step to transform from “being trapped in daily anxiety” to “moving forward with energy and purpose.” “Keyman Thinking” will also provide you with a complete ideology of critical thinking, emphasizing the need to “focus and believe,” develop habits like “perseverance,” make decisions based on “solid accumulation,” and take actions to “take off against the wind.” These ways of thinking will lead you towards genuine transformation and reaching the peak moments of your life.
兩大秘密與十四項法則,揭露職場成就的「關鍵」。所謂「關鍵」就是在成功路上,找到能讓自己事半功倍的事情、不吝嗇給你協助的人,並且找到能讓自己一路學習與通關的關鍵。在成為關鍵人物的路上,幫助你心想事成! 文中詳細講述,「關鍵」的執行大方向與細項準則,手把手帶著你從「每天都焦慮的泥沼中」改變成「每天都有朝氣的往目標前進」。《關鍵思維》也將帶給你完整的關鍵思維理念,對自己要「專注相信」、習慣要「滴水穿石」、決策要「扎實堆疊」、行動能幫助你「逆風起飛」,這些思維能讓你的人生邁入真正的改變與迎來高光時刻。

“I used to wake up every day with anxiety and avoidance. But after reading this book, my mindset changed. I can now identify what causes my anxiety and how to make changes, no longer struggling with inaction due to anxiety.” – 25-year-old woman, professional in product development
「我每天一睜開眼就是焦慮、逃避。但看完這本書之後,我的想法改變了,我能分辨自己在焦慮什麼、以及如何著手改變,讓自己不再為了焦慮的無法做事而苦惱。」- 25歲女性,產品PM

“Keyman Thinking” offers more than just a mindset change! It’s a guiding light that leads you back to the path of brightness! The physical book is priced at $350 and is now officially available, ready for purchase at major online and physical bookstores.
《關鍵思維》能帶給你的,不止是一個思維,而是一個正向的改變!給你光明燈,引領你回歸光明的關鍵的路上! 實體書售價350元,現已正式上架,現正可至各大網路書店、實體書店選購。

Starting now, let go of your anxiety.


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